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Veteran Support

Working hard for veterans.

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As Chair of the House Committee on Veterans, Military and International Affairs, Matt introduced HB 2697, which became law convening a biennial statewide veterans summit bringing together veterans from across the islands to share ideas and address relevant issues. 

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Matt supports additional VA facilities in Hawaii and allowing veterans to see doctors of their choice to reduce wait times and improve medical care.

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Matt will continue to urge the federal government to grant long delayed and wrongfully denied benefits to Filipino veterans who fought in WWII. He introduced HCR109 which was passed in 2018 urging the U.S. President and Congress to grant them full benefits.

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Matt is a member of the Navy League and the Sons of the American Revolution. He serves as liaison to the Joint Venture Education Forum, which helps military students in Hawaii public schools. 


Matt placing a lei at the annual Memorial Day service held at historic ‘Ewa Field


Matt with his father-in-law, uncles, and close family friends – all vets of foreign wars. Left to right: Edward Miyasato. Army Ret. (Korea), James “Archie” Miyachi, Air Force Ret. (Korea), Norman Kawamoto. Army Ret. (Korea), Jose` “Joe” Saromines. Army Ret. (WWII), Randy Javar. Army Veteran (Vietnam), Steve J. Avilla. Coast Guard, Ret. (Korea & Vietnam), Ruben Malig. Coast Guard, Ret. (Korea & Vietnam).


Rep. LoPresti touring the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) with his daughter Nina and Grandpa Steve Avilla (US Coast Guard Ret.)


With legislators, State DOD officials, veterans groups, and concerned citizens attending Governor David Ige’s bill signing of HB 2697 (soley sponsored by LoPresti) enacting a statewide biennial veterans summit


Matt in the Central Pacific
observing flight operations aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)

Depiction of Department of Defense service members or equipment in no way implies that the candidate is endorsed or supported by the DOD or its affiliated branches.

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