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Media Recognition of Successes

Click on the links below to see how Matt LoPresti has been committed to working for District 41 

In the News

In the News

In the News

In the News

Calling for Schools Our Keiki Deserve


Schools and Title IX Confront Stress Test in Hawaiian Lawsuit (New York Times • 10/22/2022)

New School Will Help Overcrowding Problems (Midweek West Oahu Voices • 10/26/2022)

Hawaii Teacher: Getting Legislators To My Democracy Class Wasn’t Easy (Civil Beat • 10/12/2017)


New School Fees Approved Along Final Stretch Of Rail Line (Civil Beat • 5/23/2017)


Construction bids for Dept. of Education’s heat abatement project (Hawaii News Now • 7/20/2016)

More contractors show interest in public school cooling projects (KHON2 • 7/8/2016)


Collusion Among Contractors for School AC (Hawaii Public Radio • 6/24/2016)


High AC bids lead lawmaker to ask the AG to investigate (Star-Advertiser • 6/24/2016)


AG should probe A/C bids (Star-Advertiser • 6/24/2016)


High AC bids lead lawmaker to ask the AG to investigate (Star-Advertiser • 6/24/2016)


AG Asked To Check AC Bids (Civil Beat • 6/23/2016)


Skyrocketing bids delay plans to cool Hawaii’s classrooms (Hawaii News Now • 6/23/2016)


Lawmaker calls for investigation into possible price gouging among…(KHON2 • 6/23/2016)


Cool Rooms Keiki Deserve(Think Tech Hawaii • 6/2/2016)


Bill defies a warning to prohibit teachers’ free travel (Star-Advertiser • 1/30/2016)


Ethics Board Inquiry Into AC Effort for Ewa Beach: Matt LoPresti (Hawaii Public Radio • 9/21/2015)


State lawmakers call for more action on sweltering schools (Star-Advertiser • 9/4/2015)


Donation drive buys 50 fans for Nanakuli school (Hawaii News Now • 9/1/2015)


Letters from the Community on Air Conditioning (HSTA • 8/26/2015)


Students need relief now from hot classrooms (Star-Advertiser • 8/23/2015)


Lawmaker looking for alternate ways to get AC into schools (Hawaii News Now • 8/19/2015)


Where Did HSTA Stand on Resolutions to Increase Teacher Pay? (Civil Beat • 4/7/2015)

Pay Hawaii Teachers More? State Study Proposed (Civil Beat • 3/20/2015)

Fighting for 'Ewa Beach

Scrutiny needed for Ewa Beach retail village (Star-Advertiser • 5/21/2017)
Developers’ plans upset Ocean Pointe residents (Star-Advertiser • 5/20/2017)
Proposed waterfront retail plaza criticized as gimmick to sell more Ewa Beach homes (Hawaii News Now • 5/18/2017)
$300 million retail complex announced for Oahu’s Leeward Coast (KITV4 • 5/18/2017)
New school building is dedicated in Ewa (Star-Advertiser • 4/26/2017)
West Oahu community fed up with illegal dumping at Oneula Beach (Hawaii News Now • 1/8/2017)
Vandals target Ewa Beach neighborhood (Hawaii News Now • 12/23/2016)
Tempers flare at council over Ewa Beach resort proposal (Hawaii News Now • 9/6/2016)
Lawmakers dispute over Hoakalei development plan (Hawaii News Now • 9/5/2016)
Ewa wall faces vandalism, upsets community (KITV4 • 3/6/2016)
Campbell High needs new facility (Star-Advertiser • 1/14/2016)
Haseko ordered to pay $20M in damages to Ewa Beach homeowners… (Hawaii News Now • 9/8/2015)
Cooling fans continue to be donated to Ewa Beach schools (KHON2 • 9/4/2015)
Lawmaker asks businesses to help Ewa schools beat the heat (KHON2 • 8/21/2015)
Lawmaker secures fans for Ewa schools (Star-Advertiser • 8/20/2015)
Lawmaker fights against ambulance cuts in Ewa Beach (KHON2 • 8/6/2015)
Lawmakers promise to help Campbell High’s overcrowding: ‘It’s our fault’ (KHON2 • 7/30/2015)
EXCLUSIVE: Developer dirty tricks alleged (Hawaii News Now • 6/5/2015)
Residents of Haseko Resort Development Concerned About Lagoon’s Algae (Civil Beat • 11/18/2014)
Campbell High School: ‘It’s A Cinderblock Oven (Civil Beat • 4/25/2013)
Ewa Developer’s Switch from Marina to Lagoon Raises Legal Issues (Civil Beat • 12/14/2011)
3 males stabbed in Ewa Beach fight (Star-Advertiser • 11/7/2011)

Calling for Ethics in Government

Advocating for Condominium and Homeowners Association Members

Holding Government Accountable

Increasing Public Safety

The Push for a New West O'ahu Police District (Midweek West Oahu Voices • 9/24/2022)

Analyst: North Korea aware of what attacking the U.S. in anger would mean (KHON2 • 9/12/2017)
Hawaii bereidt zich voor op de bom (Algemeen Dagblad • 8/15/2017)
Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. are heating up (CTV News, Canada • 8/11/2017)
Performer’s stolen wheelchair replaced amid outpouring of offers (Star-Advertiser • 8/3/2017)
State to start preparedness campaign for nuclear attack (Star-Advertiser • 7/21/2017)
Activate Kauai missile shield, expert urges (Star-Advertiser • 5/4/2017)
Hawaii preparation for North Korea nuke attack far from complete (Fox News • 5/2/2017)
Hawaii lawmaker calls for plans in event of a nuclear attack (Fox News • 4/18/2017)
In Case of Nuclear Attack, Hawaii Lawmakers Want to Be Prepared (Governing • 4/18/2017)
Hawaii state rep. wants updated contingency plan in case of North Korean attack (The Hill • 4/16/2017)
State representative asks for update to decades old community shelter plan (KHON2 • 4/15/2017)
Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea attack (Hawaii News Now • 4/14/2017)
Lawmakers, experts assess North Korean threat to Hawaii (Hawaii News Now • 4/14/2017)
Lawmaker says Hawaii obvious target should N. Korea strike; urges readiness (Hawaii Tribune Herald • 4/14/2017)
Lawmakers call for updating nuclear attack survival plan (Star-Advertiser • 4/14/2017)
Hawaii Panel Asks State to Prepare for North Korea Attack (US News • 4/13/2017)
Police Chief Orders Full Review Of Toddler Assault Case (Civil Beat • 2/15/2017)
Toddler Assault: Peyton Valiente Deserves Justice (Civil Beat • 2/10/2017)
Hawaii Lawmakers Want Answers In Toddler Abuse Case (Civil Beat • 2/9/2017)
Will Police Reform Finally Gain Traction In The 2017 Legislature? (Civil Beat • 1/25/2017)
New DLNR chief suddenly forced out (KITV4 • 6/21/2016)
Keep Guns Away From Stalkers and Sexual Predators (Civil Beat • 3/1/2016)
Hawaii Lawmakers: No Guns For Stalkers (Civil Beat • 2/24/2016)

Bolstering Civil Liberties

House Speaker shuts down internship program, citing allegations of exploitation (Hawaii News Now • 5/14/2018)

U.S. ConCon resolution advances (Star-Advertiser • 4/24/2017)
Hawaii Police Agencies Struggle To Equip Officers With Body Cameras (Civil Beat • 4/18/2017)
Hawaii without strict internet privacy rules (KITV4 • 4/10/2017)
Hawaii bill would criminalize trespassing on state lands (Star-Advertiser • 4/6/2017)
Cameras for cops in focus: Bills to implement use of dashboard, body devices debated (Hawaii Tribune Herald • 2/6/2017)
Hawaii Governor Vetoes Airbnb Bill, Six Others (Civil Beat • 7/12/2016)
Threatened Veto Baffles Social-Media Bill Advocates (Civil Beat • 6/29/2016)
Pending legislation could change Hawai’i’s criminal justice system (KITV4 • 4/12/2016)
Bill would ban bosses from workers’ personal accounts (Hawaii Tribune Herald • 2/26/2016)
House bill aims to curtail snooping by employers (Star-Advertiser • 2/20/2016)
Cellphone restrictions on pedestrians advance (Star-Advertiser • 2/18/2016)
Senators push police camera regulations (Star-Advertiser • 2/10/2016)
Breaking down the ACLU’s new 16-state privacy legislation blitz (Clever Blog • 2/8/2016)
Hawaii bill seeks equal pay for women to close wage gap (Hawaii Tribune Herald • 2/7/2016)
HB1739- Relating to Employment: Matthew LoPresti (Hawaii Public Radio • 1/29/2016)
State Lawmaker Raises Privacy in Proposal To Regulate Police Body Cameras (Civil Beat • 1/20/2016)
Homelessness, health care among priorities for 2016 legislative session (KHON2 • 1/20/2016)
Hawaii Legislature begins 2016 session, focuses on homeless (Star-Advertiser • 1/20/2016)
Is Hawaii Really Worried About Muslims With Guns? (Civil Beat • 1/14/2016)
Bill would keep employers out of workers’ social media posts (Star-Advertiser • 2/3/2015)

Demanding Accountability in the Rail Transit Project

Pushing for Common Sense in Transportation Infrastructure

Representing the People

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